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About Me

Raulerson Message from the Man 

Hi everyone, and welcome to the website.

My name is Vince, and I am both the founder and DJ personality for Raulerson Services. Just some information about me: I started as a mobile DJ In 1977.  Shortly after that I attended Radio Broadcasting training and received my FCC license, which at that time was a requirement to be on the radio. I landed my first job as an AM radio on Air
 Personality. At that time, FM stations were very few in Jacksonville.  I've landed FM  jobs in places such as Monterey, CA; Huntsville, AL; Kansas City; and then back to  Jacksonville. Through the years, I have performed not only as a DJ but as an MC host as well in the cities and states named above as well as overseas as a military personality. 

People often ask me how many events I have performed at throughout my career. My answer is, I don't have any idea! I can only guess. Thousands - from 50 up to 10,000 guests depending on the live event that I hosted. When I was on the airways, it was from half to one million listeners every day.  I often ask myself, over the years, how many people have allowed me to be a part of their special days and special events. LOL, I have to stop thinking because the numbers are so high I get confused. But I must say that these 45-plus years have been a fantastic journey that is still going on.

What separates me from other DJ performers is definitely experience. I am the DJ Godfather of North and Central Florida when it comes to variety, the hits will keep on coming!