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Variety of Special Events

For a Variety of Special Occasions for North and Central Florida

Event DJ Services in Ormond Beach, Florida
DJ Service in Ormond Beach, Florida

It's not a party until the music starts playing, so turn to us  for DJ services that are memorable. Raulerson DJ Services travels throughout Central Florida, including Daytona Beach, Orlando, Cocoa Beach, and Palm Coast. We also serve St. Augustine and Jacksonville in Northeast Florida and areas within 75-100 miles.

What we offer is an experience, as we work directly with the customer from the beginning of the event to the end. This lets you know we are always ready for any changes. If you need to make a change, we work with you to make the adjustment so that your event remains a success.

We take special requests from guests to play a particular song. Also, we play according to the room's mood, so we cater to all ages, providing entertainment for all ages.

Cost and Selection

It's simple. When it comes to the cost of your event, we ask that you use the quote generator located under DJ booking because each event is priced differently depending on your request. For selection, when it comes to choosing the music, we let you choose your own appropriate list. Remember, it's your event. Our job is my slogan, "Make Your event a total success." For information about lighting effects, please inquire

Cost and Duties

Wedding Ceremonies  See Quote Generator located under DJ Booking

Our DJ will play any music requested by the bride and groom and provide any necessary microphones, including clip-on and handheld cordless styles.

Wedding Receptions  See Quote Generator located under DJ Booking     
When you hire us for your wedding reception, our DJ will:

  • Play Requested Cocktail Music
  • Announce the Bridal Party as they Enter Room
  • Play Bride & Groom's First Dance
  • Play Father & Daughter Dance
  • Play Mother & Groom Dance
  • Play Bridal Party Dance Song
  • Provide Dinner Music
  • Provide Wireless Microphone for the Toast
  • Play Cake-Cutting Song
  • Play Music for Dollar Dance, if Requested
  • Play Bride & Groom's Last Dance Song

Anniversaries  See Quote Generator located under DJ Booking
Make your next big anniversary one for the memory books. When you hire us for an anniversary celebration, our DJ will play your request music and assist you with any other needs. 

Birthday Parties -  See Quote Generator located under DJ Booking
Whether you're planning a birthday for yourself, a friend, or a child, a professional music service is a surefire way to ensure the party's success. Book now before our DJ's schedule fills up.

Class/Family Reunions -  See Quote Generator under DJ Booking located under Booking
As the MC or DJ at your reunion, our DJ will:

  • Make Requested Announcements
  • Play Requested Music
  • Provide One Cordless Microphone

Corporate Parties -  See Quote Generator located under DJ Booking
At your next corporate event, depend on our DJ to:

  • Make Requested Announcements
  • Play Great Music & Take Requests
  • Provide a Cordless Microphone if Requested

Karaoke -  See Quote Generator located under DJ Booking
There's no better way to have fun and bond with your friends or colleagues. Contact us now to book a karaoke night.  

Event DJ Services in Ormond Beach, Florida
DJ Service in Ormond Beach, Florida
Wedding Party Dancing
Bride and Groom Cutting Cake